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How to Buy a Yacht: Basic instructions for the Buyers

Are you looking for a yacht for sale? Good news, let's have a look at some procedures of purchasing a boat.

Begin with the fundamentals:

·         Choose the  type of the boat you want to purchase

This really depends on the purpose of using the boat. The most common types of the boats for sale are Motor Yachts, Sailing Yachts, Gulets and Work Boats.

·         Decide if you want to buy new or used boat

Second hand boats will give you the flexibility on the price, however buying a new yacht would be a definitely good idea if you can fix your budget.

·         List all options or better work with a professional yacht broker

We are ready and happy to assist you for the best available yachts for sale in the market.

·         Before purchasing, arrange a sea trial and make a survey

Sea trials and surveys are essential for a buyer to give you an idea about the boat you want to purchase.

·         Review the necessary documents with the seller and your broker

Ask your yacht broker to prepare Memorandum of Agreement, Bill of Sale and Protocol of Delivery and Acceptance for you.

·         Make a deal

If all above is good so far, then you are ready to buy the boat.