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Choosing to charter a yacht appears to be more practical for seasonal travel. It allows tourists to visit an island at least once a month. Consequently, boat charters must provide the best yacht deals that complement your maritime lifestyle.

Bill Gates just purchased a $650 million environmental-friendly super yacht Aqua

Ultra-luxurious “Moonlight 2 bilinen, known as the world's most expensive rental yacht, anchored in Bodrum.

Cost of 1 week holiday with Maltese Faclon 9.5 million TL

No, Facebook Owner Mark Zuckerberg did not buy yacht Ulysses

Kylie Jenner will be celebrating her 22nd birthday on board superyacht Tranquility

No, Amazon Owner Jeff Bezos Didn’t Buy the Yacht Flying Fox

Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook bought 107 meter super yacht Ulysses

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