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Moonlight 2, the world's most expensive yacht for rent in Bodrum

Moonlight 2, the world's most expensive yacht for rent in Bodrum

The world's most expensive yacht for rent in Bodrum

Ultra-luxurious “Moonlight 2 bilinen, known as the world's most expensive rental yacht, anchored in Bodrum. Moonlight 2, which is one of the few yachts crossing the Atlantic Ocean without getting fuel, was the subject of curiosity in the district.

“Moonlight 2 yat, one of the most expensive yachts rented in the world, came back to Bodrum. Completed in 2005, the 91-meter-long, 14.5-meter-wide Maltese flagged yacht drew attention with its grandeur. The yacht, worth $ 118 million, was built by the Greek shipyard Neorion at 85 meters in its first construction. In 2015, the length of the yacht was extended to 91.4 meters.

This summer and last years seen in the offshore of Bodrum and rented by business people of different nationalities, the yacht is one of the world's highest rental motor yachts said.

The yacht was built in 2005 and renovated in 2015. The yacht has 18 cabins including one main suite and one VIP room. Built with aluminum superstructure and steel hull, the yacht has special stabilizers that reduce the impact of movement. There is also a water sports equipment on the yacht with jacuzzi, gym and swimming pool.

Moonlight 2, which is also on the list of the world's largest yacht yachts, offers accommodation for 36 guests in 18 cabins and 34 crew members on board the yacht. Moonlight 2 can cross the Atlantic Ocean without replenishment with a range of over 7,000 knots. The yacht has two outer bars, a sauna, a private restaurant, an entertainment center and a gym, water jets, water sports equipment and a small speed boat for dives away from the yacht. Whose anchor yacht anchoring at the ship again, while looking at the yacht, who was in the district was the subject of curiosity.

Last June, the same pier docked in the yacht was refueled 200 thousand liters with 8 tankers.