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No, Facebook Owner Mark Zuckerberg did not buy yacht Ulysses

No, Facebook Owner Mark Zuckerberg did not buy yacht Ulysses

No, Facebook Owner Mark Zuckerberg did not buy yacht Ulysses

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg obviously did not buy a 350-foot superyacht Ulysses as originally said by some certain sources. One of the Turkish Newspaper, which primary stated that Mark Zuckerberg purchased the yacht, removed this news from its web page later a representative constantly rejected to several broadcasting sources that Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan had owned the yacht. There’s no indication that they made any purchase. We have published this news on 18.01.2018 here and we believe this article makes the correction about the issue now.

The yacht is a 107-meter luxury expedition motor yacht previously owned by New Zealand billionaire Graeme Hart, with the name "Ulysses". The yacht was handed over to an anonymous purchaser in October 2017 by Fraser Yachts. In March 2018, the name of the yacht was changed to Andromeda. At present, the boat's owner was assumed to be a Russian billionaire and investor, Yuri Milner.

Jeff Bezos, the 4th richest person in the world, has also a new boat under cosntruction. You can find news about it here: Jeff Bezos is constructing a 127-meter sailing yacht at Oceanco

According to a statement by some news sources, Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg silently purchased a 350-foot expedition superyacht for $150 million in September. Yet, a Zuckerberg representative has severely rejected the Facebook CEO purchased the yacht.

As said by the Turkish broadsheet, the huge yacht “can cruise halfway around the world without any need for fuel refilling and is planned to sustain the hardest climate situations”—making her the right yacht to expect a forthcoming disaster that merely you, the tycoon founder of Facebook, realize about.

Zuckerberg supposedly purchased the superyacht, called “Ulysses,” from New Zealand millionaire Graeme Hart. And Ulysses structures, the mega yacht is furnished with a helicopter deck, eight dining places, five lounges, five bars, a gym, a day spa, a sauna, a massage room, a wine tasting room, and a cinema, all inside an interior supposedly created to endure “the chilly rounds and the world’s warmest areas.”

And Zuckerberg would not—if he purchased the ship, and his representative rejects he did—have to adore these facilities alone: Ulysses is officially appropriate to convey up to 36 guests.

In addition, there is the possibility of a casing filled with a ton of toys, including "Harley Davidson, Super Motorcycles, KTMs and ATVs, jets skis and all the traditional toys" per yacht, website. All and all, it sounds like the perfect escape tool for the big flood future.

Talking to us from some certain resources, a Zuckerberg speaker refused the newspaper’s story saying, “The statements related to Zuckerberg buying Ulysses are totally incorrect as he did not purchase any boat.” We have connected to the yacht’s brokers for additional information.

We have questioned if the Facebook CEO or his family were involved in this sales of yacht, a Zuckerberg representative spoke us: “Mark did not buy it, does not own a yacht and was not involved in the sale.” The front-page of this news has been restructured to expose the latest news.