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Igor Krutoy Blue Cruise Holiday

Igor Krutoy Blue Cruise Holiday


Russian billionaire Igor Krutoy anchored in Bodrum with a mega yacht called Maltese Falcon. Krutoy, a friend and supporter of Putin, pays 9.5 million TL rent per week to the mega yacht.


Maltese Falcon, worth 75 million dollars among the world's most spectacular yachts, anchored in Bodrum after Fethiye. Russian musician and businessman Igor Krutoy and his family, made three years in Turkey in 2006 and came to our country for the first time described as carbon fiber sailboat in the world Maltese Falcon.

A prominent representative of Putin's 2018 election campaign, Krutoy, who received state honors from the Russian government for his music, paid TL 9.5 million weekly, including Maltese Falcon's rent, crew and other expenses, for his holiday with his wife and daughters.

The yacht, which is the center of attention of everyone in Bodrum, was sold to Elena Ambrosiadou for 70 million Euros in 2009. Yacht's sail field, the size of a football field.


Maltese Falcon was built in 2006 for the late Tom Perkins at the Istanbul Tuzla Yildiz Shipyard. Mega luxury sailing motor yacht, known as nit legend Deniz in the maritime world, was renewed in 2016.


The yacht is 88 meters long and 12.5 meters wide and includes a gym, massage room and SPA. There is a jacuzzi on the deck, an outdoor cinema and a bar.

Mega yacht weekly rental fee; € 1.5 million, including crew, catering and sports equipment ...

The instructors are involved in the water sports training area located inside the luxury yacht.