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Bill Gates bought super yacht Aqua

Bill Gates bought super yacht Aqua

Bill Gates just purchased a $650 million environmental-friendly super yacht Aqua

Bill Gates, the second wealthiest man of the world after Jeff Bezos, has apparently bought the most fashionable super yacht which is totally driven by liquid hydrogen. Gates frequently shares his fortune accompanying ecosystem responsive enterprise in addition to establishments occupied for better world health.

Jeff Bezos, the 4th richest person in the world, has also a new boat under cosntruction. You can find news about it here: Jeff Bezos is constructing a 127-meter sailing yacht at Oceanco

Bill Gates, who is the founder of Microsoft, is a routine superyacht traveler but has not formerly purchased his own yacht and has chosen to charter during summer voyages around the Mediterranean.

He is now participating seriously in a totally environmental friendly superyacht in the faiths that many other entrepreneurs track his indication.

This fresh yacht was firstly seen at the Monaco Yacht Show. The yacht was built by a Dutch firm Sinot Yacht Design.

Dutch design company Sinot is occupied in a boat which completely run by hydrogen, in the sense that its single emission will be water. It is expected to work at a maximum speed of 17 knots, with maximum range of 3,750 nautical miles. 

The construction period of the yacht Aqua will be under supervision of Lateral Naval Architects. The length of the yacht Aqua is 112 meters and be motorized by liquid hydrogen delivering electrical energy to the fuel cells.

"For improvement of Aqua we grabbed creativeness from the life of a selective, open-minded owner, the liquid adaptability of water and front-line expertise, to joint this in a 112-meter superyacht with really pioneering characters," creator Sander Sinot reported.

"Our task was to apply entirely effective fluid hydrogen and power units in a real mega yacht that is not only revolutionary in expertise but also in project and overlooking," the prime designer, Sander Sinot, told in a media announcement.

The huge yacht Aqua combined with five decks and is able to accommodate up to 14 guests and 31 crew. The project has been stimulated by the ocean and Aqua’s curved outside shapes flow from the stern thru a 360-degree watching shell.

Aqua has 4 guest cabins, 2 VIP cabins and 1 owner suite. In order carry 31 crew, the yacht moreover has 14 double personnel rooms, 2 officer cabins and 1 captain's quarter. 

Moreover, round stairway is one of the yacht’s major characters, curving down from the highest deck to the lower deck. The key architectural attraction of the staircase is at its lowest flat where two enormous watery hydrogen containers can be perceived in their hexagonal rough exterior. 

Aqua also has an interior health and wellness facility including a gym, a jacuzzi room, and a yoga studio. 

On top of being innovative, the boat is also very comfortable, with an infinity pool, heliport, spa, and indoor pool. The design of the yacht took over 6 months to realize and display a high-tech project. However, notwithstanding that the gossips of a Gates’ property, the Aqua is still just a model. The yacht is unlikely to be on the sea before 2024.