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Damen 55m Yacht Support Vessel YSV Fast & Furious sold

Damen 55m Yacht Support Vessel YSV Fast & Furious sold

Dutch yacht builder Damen has stated that they sold their 55,30 meter yacht sport vessel project named “YSV Fast & Furious”. Damen has exhibited the support yacht in 2 major boat shows during the year 2016 and the yacht “Fast & Furious” attracted the attention of the possible customers and attendants.

According to Mr. Mark Vermeulen who is responsible for yacht support product department; “The sale process of FAST & FURIOUS additional shows how the Yacht Support resolution is flattering a recognized flexibility for boat owners for all types. Yacht owners desire different mixture of tenders and sea toys, plus helicopters, but they don’t essentially desire to extend their boat to take them all. Owners think that buying a new larger motor yacht with many more options is not much realistic than having a support yacht like that with their existing mother yachts besides. This offers them a low cost flexibility and operation easiness.”

The recent buyer of Fast & Furious was represented by the brokerage firm of Ocean Independence, who also formerly represented the owner of other Damen yacht Ad-vantage.

More than 10 vessels in the range of 40 to 95-metre Damen Yachts have now been effectively sold and/or are at present in construction, including the 69-metre YS 6911 and the 55-metre YS 5009, planned for release in Spring 2017 and Autumn 2017 correspondingly.